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Representation in Colorado and Minnesota:

In Colorado:

My etchings are available for purchase at Mary Williams Fine Arts in Boulder, Colorado.The Gallery, 5311 Western Ave., Unit 112, Boulder, CO 80301.Call for weekly hours or an appointment at 303-938-1588.


In Minnesota:
Art Resources Gallery
7101 France Ave., South Suite 102
Edina, MN 55434

I am attracted to all aspects of the natural world and find inspiration in the little bits: the florescent yellow lichen encrusted rock, the weathered scales of a pine cone, or the woven bird nest. In these small things I see replication of organic lines and shapes that ripple through the larger landscape. Grasses bent to fit the curve of a bird nest like the curving oxbow lines of a stream. The whorl of hair on a horse’s flank spirals out like an unfurling fern frond. The patterns of nature create a formal natural connectivity from small objects to large geologic forms.

My multiple plate prints are composed intuitively, usually starting with an intaglio plate made from a detailed drawing. I then combine it with other plates that may establish an analogy of imagery, be that line or shape or color. Other prints may express the relationship of the subject to habitat or landscape. This aspect of the process is the most creative and exciting for me and opens a window of endless printing options 

About the Etchings
My etchings are original, hand produced prints. All prints are made one-at-a-time, inked by hand and  printed using a hand cranked printing press. Since they are inked and printed by hand, hence there are slight variations in each print. Each print is considered an original, even if it is part of an edition, A single print is often labeled with a 1/1 to indicate that only one of these was made. In an edition the prints are labeled by the sequence printed with the edition quantity next; 1/20, 2/20, etc.

Chine Colle' means chinese paper. In printmaking, a thin (often handmade*) paper is misted with water, then sprinkled with powered wheat paste and placed on top of the inked plate, paste side up. A sheet of dampened heavier printmaking paper is laid over this and the whole thing is run through the press. The image is printed on the colle' paper as it is glued to the base paper. Colle' papers are used to add texture, color or even images to a print. I like to use papers that have little plant bits embedded in them to enhance my images from nature. *Most of the colle' papers I use are made in Japan, Thailand and Nepal.

Call me at my studio 303-423-2687 or cell 720-355-9048.
I'm working in my studio everyday, so don't hesitate to call


Etching with chine colle'
The mottled paper is colle' paper.

Carol at Coors Western Art Show

  About the Artist
Carol Till is a visual artist who lives in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.
Carol learned her current printmaking skills at the Art Students League of Denver under the tutelage of Master Printer Mark Lunning. She is a graduate of the Denver Botanic Gardens Botanical Illustration program. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Minnesota State University and a Masters of Digital Media Studies from the University of Denver. 
Carol makes her prints at her home studio with her 60" Takash etching press. She has shown nationally and locally.
She is being represented by Mary Williams Fine Art in Boulder Colorado.

My new etching press

Relief plate rolled with green ink and embossed
Spring Unfurling detail

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